Graphic Design

Can be a very time consuming piece of your web site. We strive to connect with you in a way that we can see where your personal preferences lie. Give you samples to fit those needs right from the beginning that are within your Budget Requirements. Whether Placitude is building your web site from the ground up or improving an existing web site we offer services to match almost any budget, from small static web sites to fully dynamic scalable database driven web sites.
  • Provide Graphical Designs to fit your budget requirements.
  • Fulfill the needs required for your project.
  • Supply a complete range of services, from design through to the finished product.
  • Logo design, Brochures, Posters, Web Design, Etc.
  • Flash Example - To get your Clients attention.
Contact us today for more information. You may be pleasantly surprised at the afford-ability of our services.

First Impressions

First impressions count. The most important, yet most overlooked element in designing is the proper layout of your information and graphics. Using your present marketing information or designing the site from the bottom up requires skill and craftsmanship. One of our main focuses at Placitude is web development, either from the ground up or improving existing web sites. We offer services to match almost any budget, from small static web sites to fully scalable dynamic database driven sites. We will provide you with web pages that are clear, easy to navigate and user friendly. The hyper-links to additional information will provide your customers with instant access to the types of information they are looking for. We make your graphics and information download quickly to ensure that more people will stop by for a visit and remain at your web site longer.